Running past someone who has “seen it all before” makes me confident

I meet with Rob a few times a week as my advisor and sounding board.

He doesn’t tell me what to do, instead he takes an exploratory discovery approach – helping me consider the situation from different angles.

Running things past someone who has “seen it all before” gives me confidence that an initiative has “passed the smell test” so I can execute aggressively.

Ferguson has helped us with:

  • Creating a new vision and strategic objectives
  • Organizing projects, priorities, time, and resources
  • Team development and accountability
  • Developing systems and processes
  • Establishing tracking data, metrics, and benchmarks

We’ve also benefited from his extensive network – connecting us to other professionals.

I really appreciate Rob’s deep background and experience in our industry. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening currently in business and brings new ideas from outside our industry.

He’s a genuine person who cares for the individuals he coaches and mentors.

~ Brad Abrameit, Magnolia Gardens

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