Rob has depth of experience and a “done for you” strategic plan

We hired Ferguson to help our executive leadership team develop a strategic plan for the next 5 years.

Because I was backing out of my role leading the company, I wanted to make sure that we had a firm foundation, with everyone rowing in the same direction.

Over the course of several months, Rob brought our team together to think through the issues and the future of our company. The result was excellent.

He managed to bring together very different perspectives and organize it on a single piece of paper.

Rob knows what he’s doing.

He has a demeanor that commands attention without being intimidating. He’s a good listener and he knows how to ask the right questions to extract information from people.

He’s well-organized. He takes what we discussed, puts it into writing and brings it to the next meeting so that there’s a trail and everything comes together in the final plan – which he wrote for us.

I would recommend Rob to any executive looking for depth of experience and a “done for you” strategic plan.

~ Howard Rambin, Moody Rambin

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