Since we started working together, profit has doubled each year

I am a HUGE Rob advocate!!

I was a bit skeptical to begin with and I remember thinking: “who is this outsider to tell us what to do?” However, it didn’t take long for me to see the value he was bringing to our firm!

We use the systems and tools he taught us EVERY day. We measure everything. We use our mission and vision to obtain alignment throughout the organization, even in simple situations such as two people arguing. We started with no systems, now we have very robust systems and processes.

The work was painful and tedious at times, but so worthwhile.

Ferguson’s profit optimization model of top line management combined with bottom up budgeting meant that we could increase revenue while decreasing expenses.

Since we started working together, profit has doubled each year (and tripled in one particular year) – partially due to Rob’s impact.

What I appreciate most about Rob is his honesty and his unbiased perspective. It’s incredibly valuable to have an experienced business executive to help with day-to-day decision making. Rob points out things I don’t see and asks questions to help me focus.

I take his advice very often. However, in the situations where I don’t take his advice, I always appreciate his perspective and professionalism.

~ Jeff Maxey, InsurMark

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