Tom Anderson's expertise in finance, accounting, and compliance was invaluable.

We engaged Ferguson Alliance to help us with succession planning.

Our goal was to develop a comprehensive framework and infrastructure that would set a solid foundation for a successful future transition from father to son.

Tom Anderson's expertise in finance, accounting, and compliance was invaluable. He has been there every step of the way, providing support to help us build a robust financial platform for our succession plans.

Tom was pivotal in our search for the right accounting firm. He controlled and guided the meetings to ensure we met our outcomes and made sure that the deliverables were crystal clear. He knew exactly what questions to ask and how to evaluate the various value propositions to get the best return on our investment.

His experience as a seasoned business executive shone through in every interaction. He has a cool, calm, professional demeanor – along with deep knowledge and wisdom. He understands not just the technical aspects of business but also the human element and how to motivate people.

The insights I’ve gained from Tom’s business thinking are already making me view our business transactions in a new light. I find myself applying more common-sense analysis and sharper business acumen in my day-to-day decision-making.

I look forward to continuing to learn from Tom and Rob as we move into the next phase of our work together.

~ Juan Silva, DEPCO Power Systems

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