Rob helped our company make a tremendous turnaround

We originally hired Rob Ferguson to help improve communication between myself and my brother-in-law. We were trying to co-lead the business together after the patriarch passed away.

Although we loved each other as family, we weren’t in sync on the direction the company should go.

We had different ideas about what we wanted out of the business. I wanted to grow and expand; my brother-in-law wasn’t comfortable making some of the big changes necessary.

Rob provided mediation and helped us make decisions to move forward. He also spent time teaching us skills and explaining things to us.

We were good at the hands-on operation of our business, but Rob brought the business perspective – especially in terms of number crunching and analyzing costs.

I especially valued having someone to talk to who understood my industry. Rob was helpful for bouncing ideas and asking me questions to make me think instead of just giving me the answers.

Rob is gifted in communication skills, relationships, and business – and he’s not just “book smart” – he has experience running a $200 million company with 1,000s of employees.

Without Rob to help us overcome our weaknesses, the value of our 50-year-old company would have suffered.

Rob helped our company make a tremendous turnaround. Including changing us to a board run company, with outside members.

In the end all his efforts enabled us to be approached by a competitor and we sold the company for more than we expected.

~ Randy Gilde, Delray Plants

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