The Ultimate Guide to Family Business Prosperity

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Introduction to the Prosperous Family Business

What does it Mean to have a Prosperous Family Business?

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The Prosperous Family Business

What does it mean to have a prosperous family business? What are the barriers to prosperity? Where can you turn for help?

5 Keys to a Healthy Family Business

A healthy family business requires a balance between work and life. Family businesses can create a strong foundation for success and avoid common pitfalls by focusing on these five essential elements.

9 Keys to a Sustainable and Prosperous Family Business

Achieve sustainable prosperity for your family business by implementing these 9 key steps. Build a business that prospers for generations.

Rob and Brandi interview on NY Business Leaders: family business growth and prosperity

Family businesses and corporate businesses are pretty much the same and have the same problems. The difference: in a family business, you go to Thanksgiving dinner with your shareholders and employees.

The Generational Shift in Family Businesses

We’re seeing an emerging trend where family business owners are taking a business-first approach to build larger and stronger businesses.

The Family Business Lifecycle

Just like a tree, every organization has a natural and predictable lifecycle. When you know where your company is in its lifecycle, you can make predictions about the problems you’ll face and how best to deal with them.

7 Signs You’re Stuck in the Family Business Owner’s Trap

Do you ever feel trapped by your business? You might be stuck in something we call the Family Business Owner’s Trap. Here are 7 signs or symptoms. How many of them apply to you?

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Why you need a shared vision

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3 Keys to Creating Alignment in your Family Business

Having a brilliant vision and strategy doesn’t make a difference if you can’t get your leaders and employees to embrace that purpose and vision – and align their actions towards it. Here’s how to do that.

7 signs that point to lack of alignment

Experiencing dysfunction in your organization? It might be due to lack of alignment. Here are 7 signs to look for.

Business Impact: Discovering It and Living It

Your Impact (or purpose) can be an organizational strategy and a roadmap to remain competitive in the marketplace. Here are 3 examples of of well-known companies who use their Impact to guide them.

Why your family business needs a shared vision

Your Shared Vision inspires others why the company exists, what its goals and priorities are, and what its legacy is going to be. Want alignment? You need a shared vision!

Do you have a family-first business or a business-first family?

The question is simple, but the impact of the decision is far-reaching. Here are 7 signs that indicate you have a family-first business

Articulate your impact through purpose, vision, and mission

Want your team rowing in the same direction? The very first step toward achieving alignment is to define your purpose, vision, and mission. Here’s how…


How to develop organizational strength

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Delegation in Family Businesses: A Guide for New Leaders

Effective delegation not only frees up time for you as the leader but also empowers your team, giving them room to grow, innovate, and showcase their skills. Here’s how to do it well.

A Gameplan for Recruiting Sales Consultants for your Family Business

The first step in your hiring process should be to develop the job requirements and an ideal candidate profile. Here’s how.

3 Ways Family Businesses Can Use Assessments to Enhance Performance and Collaboration

Assessments can be valuable tools for family businesses seeking to improve aspects of their operations. Here are three ways to use them.

Family Business Hiring Process: 12 Steps to Finding, Hiring, and Onboarding Top Talent

Reduce the disruption and expense of employee turnover by hiring the right people. Here’s our hiring process based on best practices.

Avoiding Burnout by Reclaiming Vacation Time

As a culture, we’ve lost our ability to relax, refresh, and disconnect. Is the answer to burnout as simple as taking our vacation time?

Finding the Right CFO for Your Family Business: Essential Requirements and Interviewing Tips

A good CFO will act as a strategic advisor to the business owners, providing insights and recommendations to support the family’s long-term goals. As one of the top two or three senior leaders in most businesses, it’s essential that you identify and hire the right person!

The Family Business Balancing Act

In the world of family business, balance is the key to success. Here are 6 areas where family business leaders need to find balance.

Become a Better Leader by Taking a Future Perspective to Problem Solving

Most leaders approach challenges by asking “How do I get this issue off my plate NOW? What can I do immediately?” Here’s a more strategic approach.

Aligning Vision and Performance: Using a Balanced Performance Scorecard and Incentive Programs to Drive Results

Want better alignment? Consider an incentive program to encourage behaviors that drive long-term value for shareholders. Here’s how to do that.

From Control to Empowerment: Making the Shift from Leading Followers to Leading Leaders

Want to scale your impact as a leader? Go beyond holding followers accountable and learn how to mentor and lead leaders – here’s how.


How to implement a system for managing

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System for Managing: The 5 Phases of Effective Business Management in Family Enterprises.

One of the key ways to set your family business up for success is to implement a reliable system for managing both the strategic and the operational pace of your organization. Here’s how to do that.

Understanding Business Risks and How to Manage Them: A Guide for Family Businesses

Cross-functional risk management is a vital for any organization that wants to achieve its strategic objectives and avoid costly failures.

What if Finance and Accounting was a Profit Center? 5 Ways Your CFO Can Make You More Money.

Discover 5 ways finance and accounting can transcend their “cost center” label and become drivers of profitability.

8 Reasons Why Business Plans Are Crucial for Family Businesses

8 reasons why business plans are an important key to guiding the family business stakeholders toward their shared objectives.

Planning: The GPS for Your Family Business Journey

30 minute planning presentation: 4 plans every family business needs, common mistakes, best practices, a strategic framework for alignment.

How to Use Management Reporting to Drive Greater Profitability & Shareholder Value

When you have a clear understanding of the company’s financial health and the impact of management decisions, you can make informed decisions that lead to success.

Strategic Planning for Family Businesses: Using SWOT, PESTLE, and Ansoff

Develop a better strategic plan for your family business. Use these tools to uncover important factors that might otherwise be overlooked.

The Family Business Priority Triad: a Strategy for Growth

There are 3 main priorities family business leaders can focus their strategy on: growth, control, and liquidity. Here is how the options play out.

Famous Strategic Failures (and What We Can Learn From Them)

In this article, we examine the strategic failures of three famous companies and pull out some lessons we can learn from their mistakes.

Does Your Family Business Need a Board of Directors?

Does your family business have a board of directors? Does it need one? Here’s what you need to know about setting up a family business board.


Building a Culture of Excellence

Building a World-Class Sales Team

Planning for 2023