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Advisory Team


Lead Advisor &
Founder of Ferguson Alliance

Rob has been a trusted advisor to family businesses since 2010.

Prior to becoming an advisor, Rob had a distinguished career in leadership – including ten years as a CEO at 2 different companies. One was a public company with $300 million in revenue, the other a family business with $100 million in revenue where he successfully managed the restructuring and sale of the company.

Rob has lead companies through 10x growth, helped turn struggling companies around, and has conducted more than $100 million in acquisitions.

In addition to accessing his wealth of experience, Rob's clients value his positive can-do approach to problem solving and his candid, yet kindly delivered feedback.


Family Business
Prosperity Advisor

Brandi spent most of her career in management and leadership roles at Magnolia Gardens Nursery, a family business with over 150 employees.

As a “next generation” family member in a family-owned business, Brandi understands the delicate and at times challenging situations that can face family businesses.

Brandi has experience developing strategic plans, leading departments, and managing capital expenses. She’s comfortable with complicated financials and the nuances of organizational structure.

However, her passion lies with the people. Organizations excel when the people within them thrive, and Brandi is driven to bring out the best in people.

As a teacher and leader, she loves to help people reach their potential as empowered leaders who are confident in their abilities.

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson

Senior Family Business Prosperity Advisor

Tom began advising businesses in the 1980s.

He started his career at a Big Four international public accounting firm. From there, he started his own advisory firm, Anderson Business Advisory Services. Afterwards, he joined Tatum as a CFO Partner in Houston, then O’Rourke Petroleum, a petroleum distributor as CFO, later becoming President/COO.

Tom believes that accounting is the language of business. If you can speak that language, you can understand the business financial fundamentals so much better.

Tom became an advisor because he enjoys helping owners achieve their visions for their business.

His greatest strength is his ability to work with people at all levels of the organization.

Support Team

Jen Headshot

Jennifer Cortes, Executive Assistant

With over a decade of experience in high-level administrative support, Jennifer excels in managing complex schedules, coordinating executive meetings, and facilitating seamless communication between clients.


Patty K, Marketing

Patty specializes in thought leadership marketing for trusted advisors. She keeps our marketing machine going.


Ryan O'Connor, IT

Ryan is a Microsoft Certified SME who has a passion for security and improving overall efficiency of the programs we use day in and day out.

Network Partners

Ted Leitch

Expense Reduction Analysts. Driving enterprise value by reducing costs and uncovering additional cash flow.

Thomas Zay

Expert in the global industrial and energy sectors with over 20 years’ experience in executive search.

Max Lummis

Forensic accounting and advisory. M&A due diligence, accounting optimization and litigation support.

Running things past someone who has “seen it all before” gives me confidence so I can execute aggressively

I meet with Rob a few times a week as my advisor and sounding board.

Running things past someone who has “seen it all before” gives me confidence that an initiative has “passed the smell test” so I can execute aggressively.

I really appreciate Rob’s deep background and experience in our industry. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s happening currently in business and brings new ideas from outside our industry.

He’s a genuine person who cares for the individuals he coaches and mentors.

~ Brad Abrameit, Magnolia Gardens



Honesty: we will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear

Safety: we are non-judgmental, empathetic and accepting

Integrity: we do what we say we'll do - and we expect the same from you

Practicality: our solutions are implementable and field-tested - not academic or theoretical

Optimism: we've not yet encountered a problem that doesn't have a solution. Everything can be figured out.

Focus: the best interests of you and your business are the focus - we are always unbiased and neutral


Businesses are living organisms comprised of people and can live forever if you have a dynamic shared vision, a strong organizational structure and a disciplined system for managing.

Family businesses are the brains behind innovation, the heart behind local philanthropy and the nerve system of our entire free enterprise system.

Learning happens best during moments of enjoyment. Business growth and development can be fun! We are serious about results, and lighthearted in our approach.

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