The Ultimate Guide to Family Business Prosperity

Grow your family business. Overcome challenges. Exit when ready.

This guide contains all our best thinking on family business prosperity.

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About The Prosperous Family Business

About The Properous Family Business

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Family Business Longevity – Money Advantage Podcast Interview

In my recent discussion on the Money Advantage podcast, we explored the complexities and strategies for extending the lifespan of family businesses.

Key Insights for Growing Your Family Business

Pursuing growth is both a necessity and a challenge. Reflecting on our collective experiences and research, we've distilled some key takeaways that we believe are crucial for navigating the complexities of family business growth. Here they are...

6 Ideas for Extending the Lifespan of Your Family Business

Organizational longevity is usually a pretty good measure of success in the business world. It speaks of resilience, adaptability – and the ability to weather storms in an ever-changing economic landscape.

The Prosperous Family Business

What does it mean to have a prosperous family business? What are the barriers to prosperity? Where can you turn for help?

5 Keys to a Healthy Family Business

A healthy family business requires a balance between work and life. Family businesses can create a strong foundation for success and avoid common pitfalls by focusing on these five essential elements.

9 Keys to a Sustainable and Prosperous Family Business

Achieve sustainable prosperity for your family business by implementing these 9 key steps. Build a business that prospers for generations.

Rob and Brandi interview on NY Business Leaders: family business growth and prosperity

Family businesses and corporate businesses are pretty much the same and have the same problems. The difference: in a family business, you go to Thanksgiving dinner with your shareholders and employees.

The Generational Shift in Family Businesses

We’re seeing an emerging trend where family business owners are taking a business-first approach to build larger and stronger businesses.

The Family Business Lifecycle

Just like a tree, every organization has a natural and predictable lifecycle. When you know where your company is in its lifecycle, you can make predictions about the problems you’ll face and how best to deal with them.

7 Signs You’re Stuck in the Family Business Owner’s Trap

Do you ever feel trapped by your business? You might be stuck in something we call the Family Business Owner’s Trap. Here are 7 signs or symptoms. How many of them apply to you?

Developing a Shared Vision
Creating a Culture of Excellence
Strategy & Planning
Managing Talent
Balancing Family & Business
Exit & Succession
Getting Support

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