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Managing Team Dynamics in a Family Business

By Brandi Marek | February 20, 2024

As a family business leader, creating and leading a high-performing team is perhaps the most important thing you do. At Ferguson Alliance, we’ve identified the following steps as good practice when thoughtfully engaging a team.

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Family Business Financing Misconceptions: 7 Myths

By Tom Anderson | February 13, 2024

Here are 7 of the most powerful financing myths we’ve encountered in our years as family business consultants…

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Transformational Leadership in Family Business: The Value of Marginal Change

By Rob Ferguson | February 6, 2024

Don’t let intimidation over making radical, revolutionary changes keep you from making small manageable ones. Use the power of marginal change to create transformation in your business.

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Strategy Making for the Family Business

By Rob Ferguson | January 30, 2024

Strategy becomes a guiding philosophy that helps you make wiser decisions at all levels of the organization, it encourages innovation and contributes to the resilience and success of the family business over many generations.

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Creating an Annual Profit Plan for Your Family Business

By Tom Anderson | January 23, 2024

The key to a truly effective annual plan is tying it into your long-term strategic vision. Annual profit planning is a key tool in your toolbox for family business prosperity.

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10 Options for Providing Financing to a Prospective Buyer of your Family Business

By Rob Ferguson | January 16, 2024

Owner financing might sound complex, but it’s essentially a way for owners to sell their business while playing the role of the bank.

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Annual Planning in Your Family Business: Practical Tips for Owners and Leaders

By Brandi Marek | January 9, 2024

Annual planning is a strong habit that makes a real difference in meeting your business goals. Here are some tips for effective planning.

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The Truth About Conflict in a Family Business

By Brandi Marek | December 12, 2023

Every family business experiences conflict. It’s important to coach your team to engage in healthy conflict, communicate effectively, and move forward.

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What is Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning and Why is it Important for Family Businesses?

By Rob Ferguson | December 4, 2023

Strong strategic planning charts your course to achieve your purpose, mission, and goals – and positions your business for success well into the future.

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Leading Your Team Through a Major Change in Your Family Business

By Brandi Marek | November 28, 2023

Transitioning leadership? Implementing a new software platform? Introducing new products, or services? Here are some tips for leading through major changes.

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How a Dividend Policy Helps Ensure Family Business Harmony

By Ferguson Alliance | November 13, 2023

A clearly articulated dividend policy helps avoid turmoil, confusion, and misaligned expectations. Here’s what you need to know about creating one…

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Five Tips for Finding the Right CPA Audit Firm for your Family Business

By Tom Anderson | November 7, 2023

A good CPA firm will not only help you navigate the process, but also provide independent, objective feedback.

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