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Have an audience of business owners and leaders? We're available for presentations and interviews.


We are all family business experts with expertise in specific areas.

Topics include family business leadership, succession planning, exit planning, creating a culture of excellence, building a world-class sales team.

When you invite us to speak you can expect engaging presentations with stories from the trenches. We are happy to customize presentations for your audience and are available as a group for panel discussions.

Rob Ferguson

Seasoned CEO and trusted advisor to family businesses

Brandi Marek

Second generation business leader and passionate supporter of people

Tom Anderson

Strategic Accountant. Senior family business advisor and financial expert


Strategy and Leadership Podcast
Rob sheds light on the critical choice between being a 'family-first business' or a 'business-first family.' Explore his insights into why family businesses are both resilient and challenging, and discover practical strategies to enhance longevity and success. Family Business 101: Are You A Business First Family Or A Family First Business? With Rob Ferguson

The Sustainable Business Podcast
Understand the essential financial framework needed for a family business to endure and thrive across generations. Listen here: From Profit to Legacy: CPA Tom Anderson's Guide to Family Business Succession and Financial Health

Lead Like a Woman Show
How can you maintain the strong relationships necessary to build a thriving inter-generational company? Brandi answers that question and others during her conversation with Andrea Heuston.

Central Illinois Business Leaders Podcast
A short while ago, our very own Brandi sat down with hosts Derek and Garrett of the Central Illinois Business Leaders Podcast. In this episode, she talks about the challenges and joys of being in a family business herself, and how it motivated her to help other family businesses prosper. Have a listen!

The Disruptive Successor Podcast
Rob and host Jonathan Goldhill delve into the unique dynamics of family businesses and the critical decisions they face when it comes to succession planning. Check it out: Business First Family Businesses

A Call to Leadership Podcast
Brandi and host Nate Salah discuss the pitfalls and perils of hiring family and friends to work in your family business. Listen here: A Call to Leadership

Pipeliners Podcast
Rob and Brandi sat down with host Russel Treat to discuss talent management in businesses, the Great Resignation, and the four components of a successful talent management plan.

Influential Entrepreneurs
Rob sat down with host Mike Saunders to discuss exit planning from the perspective of family businesses.

20 Minute Leaders
Brandi discusses with Michael Matias the benefits and the challenges of being a family business, and why she loves working with them.

Growth Colony
David chats with Shahin about how to start building a sales team in your family business.

Manage 2 Win
In this podcast, Rob talks with David about why the average lifespan of a family business has gone from 62 years to 24.

Bulletproof Selling
If you sell long enough, you’ll find yourself in a sales plateau. Recently, David sat down with Shawn to discuss how to Systemize Your Way Out Of Sales Plateaus.

New York Business Leaders Podcast
Gordon, Rob and Brandi talk about questions they ask their clients, how they help and guide them with their challenges, and much more - family business growth and prosperity

Influential Entrepreneurs

Brandi sat down with Mike to discuss the special challenges and nuances involved in helping a family business prosper.

Sales Lead Dog Podcast
David and Christopher talk about how sales people can get "too deep in", and what to do about it.

Josh Bolton Show
Brandi and Josh discuss how to survive middle management

Audacious Living Podcast
Brandi Marek talks about how to decide when to leave the family business - leaving the nest

Design Your Legacy
Rob Ferguson and Angelina Carleton discuss family business legacies

GEMS podcast
David Schlosberg joins Genesis Amaris Kemp to talk about driving rapid sales growth

Sales Hindsights with Patrick Kagan
David and Patrick discuss the rainmaker's dilemma

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