Business Assessments

Get an objective look at your business, your team,
your leadership, and yourself



A business assessment is an objective look at your business designed to provide you with a clear picture to achieve the company’s goals, to expand and grow the business in a smart and strategic way.

A business assessment will help you understand:

  • Where your business is today - including what it is worth
  • What will help you get to where you want to be tomorrow
  • What might hinder or impede your progress
  • What specific actions can be taken to address all these issues.


Considering selling all or part of your operations? Thinking about merging with or acquiring another company?

Make informed decisions about the direction you take your business by getting an objective estimate of the value of your company.

We can help you

  • Determine a fair value for your company
  • Assess sale value
  • Determine if partner ownership is viable and what that looks like for the company
  • Assist with issues involving taxation
  • Advise in those precarious situations where divorce proceedings impact the disposition of the company

Business valuation is both a science and an art.

We combine decades of practical experience with tried-and-true, objective measures to evaluate all aspects of the deal - including capital structure, future earning potential, real assets, financial statements, and other facets of the business.  



We are Certified Advisors for DISC, EQ and 12 Driving Forces Behavior Assessments

These personal and leadership assessments will help you:

  • Create cohesion and alignment with your teams
  • Enable effective communication
  • Make performance management, employee evaluations, and employee development easier

Rob is great at optimizing companies and preparing them for sale

He’s knowledgeable, analytical, and has a broad range of experience. He can work at the higher strategic level, and he can dive into the details.

Rob works hard, is patient, and has great communication skills. He also has an extensive professional network which is invaluable.

Most of all…Rob is a GREAT GUY! He’s fun to work with and has a great sense of humor.

~ Max Lummis, Lummis Consulting Services

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