How Dynamic Coaching Increases Your Company’s Bottom Line

Are strategic coaching and employee development prioritized at your company? If not, your best employees may become stagnant without your managers even noticing.It’s easy for businesses to focus on training new team members to ensure they’re up to speed, but often, the more experienced employees lack the long-term coaching needed to fully flourish in their roles—resulting in plateaued skills and worse, a lack of motivation and resolve.

Your longstanding employees want to be invested in so that they can grow to their fullest potential. With effective coaching, underperforming members gain confidence through structured practice and consistent feedback, and high-performing members are inspired to reach even higher—ultimately bringing in more ROI for your business. Are you allotting the resources necessary for them to thrive?


Here are 5 ways to utilize coaching in your company’s daily practices.

#1: Move your coaching online. Coaching no longer needs whiteboards, tedious books or messy stacks of papers—online software opens up a new world of possibilities for impactful, streamlined, organized and more engaged coaching. Find a platform with an easy interface, digital collaboration capabilities for knowledge sharing, and the ability for members to easily submit work to managers for review—increasing team engagement and enabling quick, digital feedback on-the-go.


Is your workforce largely millennial? Get on their level with modern, cloud-based software, and they’ll be much more motivated to use it.

#2: Avoid one-size-fits-all methods. Say goodbye to universal systems with no customizability: since each of your employees learns differently, their coaching should adapt to their unique learning style. Since your managers don’t have the time to manually coach each person in their preferred method, use an online platform that does it for them—find an adaptive software that caters to each person’s unique strengths, weaknesses, specific roles, and goals. This allows you to focus on the most critical topics, save time wasted on irrelevant content, and customize coaching material for maximum impact.

#3: Let your employees watch (and send) videos. While this may sound initially counterproductive, the use of interactive video content does wonders for employee engagement. Would you rather read a long, intimidating slab of tiny text, or watch a dynamic two-minute video with the same information? Videos enhance the traditional learning process, resulting in quicker comprehension, higher engagement, and more enjoyment.

Not only is video integration more interactive, but it’s also a powerful internal communication and collaboration tool. Instant video messaging allows employees to answer each other’s questions, dive deeper into pressing topics and enhance team building.

#4 Let the content “drip”. Did you know that employees learn best with small amounts of information at a time? Spare an information overload by using a software featuring the “drip” video method—releasing small bits of content at a time. The results? Quicker retention, better long-term comprehension and no unnecessary overwhelm.

#5 Let your team go home. Mobile, cloud-based coaching platforms enable access from anywhere at any time, meaning your employees don’t even have to be in the office to keep learning—an especially vital feature for your company’s remote employees. Give your team the flexibility to pursue coaching when they feel the most motivated—whether it’s at their desk, in the train, or on their sofa. Bonus points if the platform is easily accessible via a mobile app.

Mobile video integration also benefits your busiest managers with ever-conflicting schedules and frequent out-of-office appointments—they can connect with employees from anywhere via face-to-face mobile video chat; increasing both convenience and efficiency.

Effective coaching gives your employees a chance to achieve more than just the bare minimum. The interactivity, customizability, and flexibility of online coaching software make it an obvious choice for businesses looking to grow their employees to peak potential. If you take the time to invest in your employees, the reward not only is a more competent, happy and high-achieving team but a higher bottom line—and that’s something everyone can celebrate.