Strategic Planning

A facilitated deep dive to get your senior leadership aligned and rowing in the same direction.



Organizational change is directed from the top down. The first step is to get your leadership team "rowing in the same direction"

Strategic planning is an opportunity to bring the leadership team together to look at challenges and goals and develop an aligned approach to the big picture.

This may include:

  • Determining the best long-term direction for the company
  • Aligning organizational structure and culture to match the mission and objectives of the company
  • Identifying what needs to happen to drive improvements to profitability
  • Developing a strategic operating plan

With that big picture in place:

  • Hurdles are reduced to manageable goals
  • Challenges are met with ingenuity and thoughtfulness
  • Employee "buy in" is easier to get
  • Management teams can be empowered to lead more effectively


The Alliance facilitates strategic planning through a series of assessments & workshops designed to help unify an organization, improve culture and increase employee engagement.

Having an Alliance advisor facilitate these sessions brings an impartial perspective and frees up the entire senior leadership team to participate and engage.

Once the strategy is in place, we can also assist in implementation with our system for managing and dashboard reporting.

These tools and methods enable you to improve operations so that higher output can be achieved without creating new and more difficult challenges.

You'll be able to make qualitative changes and see quantitative measures which not only bolster greater satisfaction and achievement, but also give the teams valuable metrics which can be tied directly to performance indicators.


I would recommend Rob to any executive looking for depth of experience and a “done for you” strategic plan

We hired Ferguson to help our executive leadership team develop a strategic plan for the next 5 years.

Over the course of several months, Rob brought our team together to think through the issues and the future of our company. The result was excellent.

He managed to bring together very different perspectives and organize it on a single piece of paper.

Rob knows what he’s doing.

~ Howard Rambin, Moody Rambin

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