Every Problem Has a Solution

One day a few years ago I received a call from the CEO of a software company.

He was nearly in tears.

“Rob…I’m done. I’ve messed up big time. I can’t make payroll. My business line of credit is tapped out and I’ve maxed out all my personal credit cards. I even ran up my wife’s American Express card…and I haven’t told her yet. I’m finished.”

I invited him to my office.

When he arrived, I sat him down and poured him a whiskey.

Then I got out my big flipchart and we started brainstorming solutions.

90 minutes later, he left my office with a plan in hand.

More importantly, he had dropped the burden of stress and shame he was carrying.

It would take him 2 years of hard work to dig himself out of the hole he created, but he got out of debt, he turned his company around, and he now looks back on that time as a period of tremendous personal and professional growth.

Overcoming that challenge made him a stronger and more capable leader.

It might be optimism, a positive attitude, or the confidence that comes from experience, but I have not yet encountered a problem that didn’t have a solution.

First step to solve insurmountable problem is to get outside perspective.

I’ve been a business advisor since 2010.

During that time, I’ve helped dozens of clients bounce back from challenging situations and overcome big problems.

I won’t say “I’ve seen it ALL” – but I’ve seen a LOT.

I’ve also been a CEO myself, so I know it can be hard to ask for help and reveal the true extent of a problem in your business.

Ask any of my clients and they will describe me as even-keeled, unbiased, and non-judgmental. They’ll back up my claim that I always have their best interests at heart.

I’m a straight shooter. I’ll tell you the truth – even if it’s not what you want to hear.

But I’ll never judge you.

And neither will anyone else on the Alliance team. We take our commitment to upholding our core value of “safety” seriously.

If you’re feeling stressed out, stuck, or even hopeless because you’re facing a challenging situation on your own, I invite you to contact Kyle to set up a confidential, no obligation call with one of our advisors.

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PS – If you’re like many of the owners and executives we’ve worked with in the past, you’ll begin to feel better as soon as you book the appointment.

One step in the direction towards a solution is all it takes to feel unstuck.