7 Signs You’re Stuck in the Family Business Owner’s Trap

Do you ever feel trapped by your business?

You might be stuck in something we call the Family Business Owner’s Trap.

Here are 7 signs or symptoms. How many of them apply to you?

  1. You’ve lost your passion for the business. It’s become a job to you, and it’s no longer fulfilling (if it ever was.)
  2. You work more hours than anyone else in the company
  3. You don’t have an exit plan…you can’t even go on a vacation.
  4. You’re dependent on your paycheck from the business for your survival. And it is just a paycheck, there’s no profit above and beyond. The real kicker for some people is that despite taking all the responsibility, all the risk, and doing all that work – you may not be the highest compensated person in the company.
  5. You can’t quit. You need the money that your “business owner job” provides and you don’t have alternatives. You don’t know what you would do instead.
  6. Your business has become your identity. You’re working so many hours you’ve overlooked (or forgotten) your life outside of the business.
  7. The business is dependent on you. You’re the rainmaker, the HR manager, the CFO, the production manager…you may even be driving a truck. Decisions need to go through you. The place would fall apart without you.

The good news is that there IS a way out.

Our Prosperity Process is designed to get you out of the trap, back in touch with your motivation and drive – and at the helm of a prosperous business that can run without you.

To learn more, watch our free online training: the Prosperity Plan: 9 keys to a business that generates wealth, enables freedom, and creates a legacy