14 questions to consider when thinking about selling your business

Thinking about selling your business?

Here are 14 questions to consider:

  1.  What aspects of my business add to and detract from ultimate valuation potential?
  2.  How will prospective buyers negotiate against me?
  3.  What is the current market value of my business?
  4.  Are my business valuation expectations reasonable?
  5.  How do various forms of deal structure impact the valuation of my business?
  6.  Is my business and strategic plan best suited for a strategic buyer, a financial buyer, or a hybrid?
  7.  How can the marketplace of specific buyers (strategic and financial) for my business be identified?
  8.  How can I access a broad, competitive marketplace of buyers without compromising confidentiality?
  9.  What information should I provide to prospective buyers, how should I provide it, and when?
  10.  Should I have a pre-determined asking price for my business or let the market determine the ultimate value?
  11.  At what point in the process should I invite prospective buyers to visit the business?
  12.  At what point in the process should I involve the management team and staff?
  13.  How many offers should I expect to receive?
  14.  What is the best way to negotiate offers with prospective buyers?

If answering these questions for yourself seems daunting, or you feel woefully out of your league making these determinations, you are likely a good candidate for an M&A Intermediary.

Having a good M&A Intermediary is like having an ally, advocate and partner through the often tumultuous period of preparing to sell and then ultimately selling your business.

We would be happy to help you determine the answers to these questions and then prepare you to act upon them accordingly.

You can learn more about our M&A Intermediary services here: M&A Intermediary Services or contact us for a free consultation: contact us.

Thinking About Selling Your Business?

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For a successful exit, you need to be able to say a hearty “Yes!” to these important questions:

  1. Are you financially ready personally to exit?
  2. Are you ready mentally or emotionally to exit?
  3. Is your business ready for sale or handover?
  4. If you’re selling - is the business attractive to potential buyers?

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