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Transformational Leadership in Family Business: The Value of Marginal Change

By Rob Ferguson / February 6, 2024

Don’t let intimidation over making radical, revolutionary changes keep you from making small manageable ones. Use the power of marginal change to create transformation in your business.

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Strategy Making for the Family Business

By Rob Ferguson / January 30, 2024

Strategy becomes a guiding philosophy that helps you make wiser decisions at all levels of the organization, it encourages innovation and contributes to the resilience and success of the family business over many generations.

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10 Options for Providing Financing to a Prospective Buyer of your Family Business

By Rob Ferguson / January 16, 2024

Owner financing might sound complex, but it’s essentially a way for owners to sell their business while playing the role of the bank.

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What is Strategic Planning

What is Strategic Planning and Why is it Important for Family Businesses?

By Rob Ferguson / December 4, 2023

Strong strategic planning charts your course to achieve your purpose, mission, and goals – and positions your business for success well into the future.

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What Family Business Owners can Learn from Toyota’s Succession

By Rob Ferguson / October 31, 2023

What can family business leaders learn from Toyota’s succession? These 3 insights – including the importance of having a business-first family

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Family Business Governance: Differentiating Board, Shareholder, and Council Meetings

By Rob Ferguson / October 17, 2023

The 4 types of regular meetings you need to host to proactively avoid conflicts and misunderstandings with the family and the business.

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The One-Page Strategic Plan for Family Businesses

By Rob Ferguson / October 3, 2023

Strategic planning is key to family business longevity and prosperity. But plans don’t have to be long and complicated. Here’s how to fit your strategy on one page.

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What is Family Business Governance? Busting Common Myths.

By Rob Ferguson / September 26, 2023

Good governance can help increase the value of your business, create family harmony, and give you more control, not less! Here’s how…

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System for Managing: The 5 Phases of Effective Business Management in Family Enterprises.

By Rob Ferguson / September 5, 2023

One of the key ways to set your family business up for success is to implement a reliable system for managing both the strategic and the operational pace of your organization. Here’s how to do that.

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3 keys to creating alignment

3 Keys to Creating Alignment in your Family Business

By Rob Ferguson / August 14, 2023

Having a brilliant vision and strategy doesn’t make a difference if you can’t get your leaders and employees to embrace that purpose and vision – and align their actions towards it. Here’s how to do that.

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