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Engaging Your Team in the Family Business Succession Process

By Brandi Marek / May 7, 2024

Succession planning and the smooth transition of leadership are necessary for any prosperous family business over the long term. Here are some of our best tips for approaching succession planning in a way that’s engaging and productive for your team:

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Building Better Teams: The Art of Effective Onboarding

By Brandi Marek / March 19, 2024

Perhaps no business process is as undervalued and untapped as the onboarding of new team members. Here’s how to do it right.

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Managing Team Dynamics in a Family Business

By Brandi Marek / February 20, 2024

As a family business leader, creating and leading a high-performing team is perhaps the most important thing you do. At Ferguson Alliance, we’ve identified the following steps as good practice when thoughtfully engaging a team.

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Annual Planning in Your Family Business: Practical Tips for Owners and Leaders

By Brandi Marek / January 9, 2024

Annual planning is a strong habit that makes a real difference in meeting your business goals. Here are some tips for effective planning.

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The Truth About Conflict in a Family Business

By Brandi Marek / December 12, 2023

Every family business experiences conflict. It’s important to coach your team to engage in healthy conflict, communicate effectively, and move forward.

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Leading Your Team Through a Major Change in Your Family Business

By Brandi Marek / November 28, 2023

Transitioning leadership? Implementing a new software platform? Introducing new products, or services? Here are some tips for leading through major changes.

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How to Retain Talent by Using the Power of Recognition

By Brandi Marek / October 10, 2023

Recognition is absolutely essential for retaining talent and spurring productivity. Here’s how to recognize your people in a meaningful way.

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Delegation in Family Businesses: A Guide for New Leaders

By Brandi Marek / September 12, 2023

Effective delegation not only frees up time for you as the leader but also empowers your team, giving them room to grow, innovate, and showcase their skills. Here’s how to do it well.

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3 Ways Family Businesses Can Use Assessments to Enhance Performance and Collaboration

By Brandi Marek / July 31, 2023

Assessments can be valuable tools for family businesses seeking to improve aspects of their operations. Here are three ways to use them.

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Family Business Hiring Process: 12 Steps to Finding, Hiring, and Onboarding Top Talent

By Brandi Marek / July 25, 2023

Reduce the disruption and expense of employee turnover by hiring the right people. Here’s our hiring process based on best practices.

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